Inspiration struck when I wasn't really looking!!!!!

Remember how I always say, you never know when inspiration or a solution to a problem will present itself... well, both of those have happened just now... I think....

So, here's what's been a problem for me for a while... Finding fabric for Prince Diamond.  I haven't been able to find anything I've liked.... or anything from a website I trust...

But I was just watching some video I filmed a few months ago at the costume shop at school... and I showed -- in the video -- a costume made from embossed velvet...

That's it!  That's the answer.  

So I'm gonna do this...

with this rubber stamp... or at least one like it.

Indian rubber stamps 

That way I can get the  Indian motif I want on just plain old, ordinary velvet. 

I think that would work beautifully.

Whoo hoo!!! Time to go fabric shopping!!!! 

OH! And LOOK what I found on ebay!!!!

Wouldn't this make the most BEAUTIFUL cape?!?!?!  I just have to wait until payday so I can buy it!!! 


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