Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon
Created July 2006

Items Made: Dress, Cape, Gloves (not pictured).

Looking back on this, I have to say that this wasn't a bad attempt, although, my next round of Sailor Suits came out much better.  

Most importantly I knew that this particular costume was going to be worn by a girl with curves, so instead of using stretch fabric and a leotard pattern, I found a dress pattern with an empire waist, loose upper bodice, and a v-neckline.  The lower bodice has some seaming detail which I could have omitted, but I thought that it wasn't terribly distracting and would help with the silhouette and would address the needs of a curvy figure. 

The cosplayer wanted the costume to be shiny so I used high sheen fabrics -- Windsor Satin for the Bodice, Skirt, and Collar. The Cape was requested by the client to reflect some early Sailor Moon drawings. It is made from Silver Foil Knit and Costume Satin and is reversible.



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