The Sorcerer: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

The Sorcerer
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Completed March 2013

Items made: Coat, Skirt

The Sorcerer is Gilbert & Sullivan operetta written in 1877.  The great thing about G&S operettas is that they're quick, quirky, and fun!  It's pretty much the SNL of opera.  

For this show, we (the costume designer and I) went kind of Victorian but not completely and set it in the Spring so lots of color!  

This particular character isn't actually in the script, but was added by the director.  Basically I had a sewing pattern for a Steampunk costume that I hadn't made, and since the show was set sort of Victorian and since this character was an eccentric, magicky type, we went with it.  (By the way the pattern is Simplicity 2172).  This was everyone's favorite costume from the show.

For fabrics we went bold, bright red to really make her and the Sorcerer stand out from the other characters.  

The jacket is done in velvet flocked taffeta with sheer metallic mesh/net sleeves and trimmed out with a shimmery dot cutout fabric that I like to refer to as "bubble".  It has a neat little lace up corset style feature on the center back panel and crystal studded button at center front which I really like. The skirt is satin brocade with a pleated ruffle hem -- which was really tedious to make.  The corset was purchased from an online vendor.  It is not the one included in the pattern package. 



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