The Sorcerer: Aline

The Sorcerer
Completed March 2013

Items made: Bodice

The Sorcerer is Gilbert & Sullivan operetta written in 1877.  The great thing about G&S operettas is that they're quick, quirky, and fun!  It's pretty much the SNL of opera.  

For this one, we (the costume designer and I) went kind of Victorian but not completely and set it in the Spring so lots of color!  

Aline is the lead female role and it's her wedding day, so for fabrics we went with a white cotton embroidered with orange, green and pink polka dots.  Then we layered a floral embroidered chiffon over it.  The bodice is a 6 panel bodice with princess seams and a scoop neck, puffy sleeves with banded cuffs. 

We called it the wedding cake dress because it reminded us of one.  



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