The Three Musketeers: Capes


The Three Musketeers
Created November 2012

See all of the capes in this picture.  I made ALL of them.  They weren't hard, there were just so many... Thirteen in total... I think.

The Reds are made from twill microsuede with satin jacquard crosses on the fronts and backs.  The pattern called for these capes to be lined, but lining wasn't in the budget so all of the raw edges has to have rolled hems.  Seriously, that's what took the longest... oh... and cutting out crosses -- which are just heat and bonded to the fabric.  

The Blue cape is the one the Musketeers give to D'Artagnan at the end of the show... when good ole' Darty becomes an official Musketeer.  The sad thing, it's only on stage for 5 minutes, but it's kind of a showpiece so it had to be special.  So it's made from blue velvet with gold sateen lining.  The cross is the same as the Reds -- white satin jacquard -- which was appliqued on.


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