The Sorcerer: The Mothers


 The Sorcerer
Lady Sangazure, Mrs. Partlet, Villager Mother
Completed March 2013

Items made: Jackets

The Sorcerer is Gilbert & Sullivan operetta written in 1877.  The great thing about G&S operettas is that they're quick, quirky, and fun!  It's pretty much the SNL of opera.  

For this show, we (the costume designer and I) went kind of Victorian but not completely and set it in the Spring so lots of color!  

So the fun bit about the Mothers in this show is that one of them was double cast -- meaning that there were two actresses playing Mrs. Partlet.  So when an actress wasn't playing Mrs. Partlet, she had to be in a different costume.  But that's not the fun bit.  The fun bit was that one of the Mrs. Partlets got sick the week the show opened and never performed.  So one of the costumes I made (The Village Mother) never got worn.  

With the women playing the mothers, we wanted them to stand out visually from the maidens in the village.  So for all of the mothers went a little more Victorian and used long sleeved jackets with collars.  But to make my job easier, I drafted a single pattern that I made to fit each of the women... except the off Mrs. Partlet/Village Mother costume.  I changed the collar on it so she'd differ from the lead mothers.  

For fabrics, we went with various upholstery and cottons in bright patterns in prints because the mothers in this show are nuts!!!

Lady Sangazure

Mrs. Partlet

 And here are pics of the unused/unfinished costume.


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