Sailor Moon: Sailor Neptune

Sailor Moon 
Sailor Neptune
Completed August 2011

Items Made: Dress, Choker, Glove Cuffs.

This and Sailor Uranus were my 2nd attempt at Sailor Suits and it's amazing how much I've improved since then.  But I'm absolutely in love with these!  

The dress, collar, bows and choker were made, the glove tops were made and added to a store bought pair of gloves.  The shoes were purchased and painted and the ribbons added.  The tiara was purchased from Catzia's Collectibles and is beautiful and totally worth the money.

PS. I bought the smooth gem tiaras and had the metal ring detail added around the stone.  It costs a little more but looks better if you ask me.

I also bought the pendant Neptune wears on her choker which turned out to be craft foam and an acrylic gem... I thought it would be metal with a gem... but, oh well.

For complete details on materials and techniques, check out my Sailor Senshi Tutorial.  

Runner Up All-con Dallas 2012 Cosplay Contest.


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