Busy Busy Busy.

So, I've had the past couple of days off and I've been pretty productive.  

First off, I cleaned, organized and rearranged my sewing corner...

Here's the old layout.  I used to have the end of the den...

I separated the area with some sheer curtains hung from the ceiling -- which kind of made a wall.  In front of the curtain wall was a dresser with my machines.  Next to that was a portable clothing rack... on the wall opposite the dresser was my work table... and then opposite the clothes rack and next to my table was a shelf of supplies...

But I've been downsized and had to give up half of my end of the den...

So here's the new layout.

Not much changed now that I look at it...  I just shifted the dresser to the opposite side and moved my table... I also took the rolling rack apart and put it away... Also my dress form is in another room.

Did I mention my sewing area was really messy and that moving all this first required thorough cleaning?  Maybe that's why it seems like a lot more work went into this... haha!!!

I also went through EVERYTHING and organized ALL of it.  

Look at my patterns -- All sorted by garment and category.... fancy.  Below is the first video I ever made so your patterns can look like mine!!!

I also spent a little time working on P. Diamond... haha! That sound's like a rapper name... maybe I should call him P. Dimmy... nnn... maybe not.

Here's pictures!!!

 I traced out my pattern pieces onto plastic painters tarp (my FAVORITE pattern transfer technique) and then I pinned it together and Gemmima is modeling it.  Remember that Gemmima is bigger than me... and has boobs.. so it doesn't quite fit her properly.  

Oh, and get this.  My pattern is MISSING a piece... I don't know if I've lost it or if it just didn't include it... it has no under sleeve piece... so I had to grab the sleeves from another pattern. 

I got tired of tracing so I didn't finish tracing my linings or under sleeve... although, the original pattern only calls for a partial lining and I'm gonna go with a full lining, so I guess I don't have to trace the linings cause they'll be the same as the rest of the jacket... more or less..  

Anyway, off I go to get ready for work tomorrow... even though it feels like I worked today too.



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