The Nightmare Before Christmas: Sally the Ragdoll

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Sally the Ragdoll
 Created March 2011
Items Made: Dress

The silhouette of the dress is simple... just an a-line dress with flounce sleeves.  Most Sally costumes are straight a-lines which neglect her curvy figure so I chose a pattern with princess seams to not do that.

What's really cool about this dress is that it was made entirely from scraps and remnants I had in my fabric stash.

The rest of the dress was tricky.  I spent about 2 hours playing with fabrics on the mannequin to get the placements of each fabric to look good with each of the surrounding fabrics.

Then each panel of the dress had to be assembled from the designated fabrics... Finally the panels were sewn together like normal.... it was kind of like making a quilt.  Although the chunk of Dark Blue/Light Blue stripe was really hard because it was two different fabrics that had to be pieced together and it wrapped around several of the panels. 

But I absolutely love the final product.  It turned out beautiful and I'm very proud of it. 

(P.S. My friend Michelle originally had long black hair with red chunks... which suited Sally fine.  Then she cut off her hair and went blonde, so she had to get a wig to wear which you see in the first pic.  Also, the stitches on her skin in the last pic were drawn in Photoshop because the makeup was fading off.)

3rd place. Animation Category. All-Con Dallas Costume Competition. 2011

 4th place. Nightmare Before Christmas Party. The Elysium. Austin, TX. 2011 -- but there was no prize awarded so I don't know if it counts.



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