Halloween Hijnx!!!

Yeah, yeah, I know... Halloween was DAYS ago... but it'd just be weird if I didn't post a blog about Halloween--you know, since this IS costuming blog, after all... 

Let's start with "At Work"

So, I'm in charge of all of the children's events at work and I wanted to host a Halloween themed event... mostly because there was a company-wide Star Wars event and some of the stores got members of the 501st to visit and take pictures and I didn't soo I was jealous and wanted to show everyone up.  

How would I do that?  With Jack, of course.  So I planned a Halloween event so Jack could be the special guest.  

And we had a lot of fun.  We played Halloween trivia, and watched Nightmare Before Christmas. We had a costume contest -- where everyone won, of course, and there was face painting. We made construction paper Jack-o'-Lanterns and learned about the history behind them...

PS.  Did you know that the light from a jack-o'-lantern will show you a vampire's true identity... and once you know a vampire's true identity, it will no longer hunt you?  

It also has a legend behind it that I had to alter because the original was about a guy who made a deal with the devil and I thought that might be a little TOO much for kids.

We also made Dia de los Muertos masks and learned about the holiday.  See, learning is fun!!!

I went through several costume changes that day.

I started out as Snoopy... I couldn't run the event in Jack so I needed something a little easier to move in.

This one is from the show I made the costume for so it's old.

Then I had to sneak away and change into Jack!!!

Sally showed up to the party too!

Then later I went out with friends to see some bands play and I donned this costume....

This is my version of Stuart from Mad Tv.  I also wore this to work on Halloween day.  A few people got it and that was the point.  Sometimes I like a costume to be not obvious.

I also filmed a video for the makeup I did but the light is so bright from the window that you can't see any of the makeup I put on... so I'm going to have to film it again.

This was the second year that we haven't done a Haunted House at my brother's... and I'm a little sad.... well... maybe next year.  I hope.... I miss doing those... speaking of, I need to hit the Halloween stores to see what's left and on sale!!!! 

Well, that's all I have to report.  I'll try to post some stuff about the Three Musketeers costumes I'm working on this Tuesday... but sadly, there isn't really much to get excited about... they're pretty basic.... there's just a LOT of them. 

Till next time...



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