Naruto: Sexy Jutsuu Naruto

Sexy no Jutsuu Version
Created November 2007

Items Made: Jacket, Trousers.

This costume is a modified version of Naruto's traditional outfit. Since we were doing Naruto's female persona, the cosplayer wanted to make the design ultra feminine. So we went with a more modern, feminine cut trouser and loose cropped jacket.

Both the trousers and the jacket are made from stretch corduroy in slightly muted/darker colors. The stretch allows the costume to be ultra comfy while the corduroy gives it a nice softness.

 The collar was knitted on a knitting machine then sewn into the jacket.  The patches were painted with glitter fabric paint -- again adding a touch of femininity to the costume.  Lastly, I added a couple of decorative frog buttons on the trousers for a bit of whimsy -- plus the also tie in to Naruto's summoning ability.


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