Personal Project Time!!!

Well for starters, I've made a decision for Prince Diamond... As much as I love the idea of the Indian Silk brocade for the Jacket, I can't seem to find anywhere online that sells the fabric I want for not a lot of money... I've only been able to find it for $20 a yard... which is a bit much... that's already $60 just for the jacket fabric... that doesn't cover fabric for the trousers, the cape or any of the linings.  

So on to plan B.

This... only in white on white.... This is a flocked taffeta.  The taffeta has a lovely iridescent sheen to it and the flocking feels like velvet.  We just used this fabric in Three Musketeers on one of the gowns and it just looked lovely... Also, I found this on eBay for $6.50 a yard.

I WAS worried that the pattern of the taffeta would compete with the scroll work embroidery, but since it's white on white, it'll be all... er... it'll work out.  

Here's a little collage I did in Photoshop.

The pattern is large enough and subtle enough that I think this will come out quite lovely.  

I'm still planning on restyling the jacket to look a little more exotic... I just haven't decided the final plans.  But I do plan on buying the fabric soon.  I have to check out one of the fabric stores here to see if they carry this fabric, and how much it costs... Although I'll probably just buy it online so I can get it for cheaper. 

Here's a pic of the actual fabric in the proper colors. Although you can't really see the sheen of the taffeta.

Anyway, that's about where I am on this project.  I just need to find and buy the fabric then figure out my jacket design so I can start embroidering stuff, cause that's gonna take the longest.

Till Next Time!



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