Hello, my name is Jason and I'm a t-shirt junkie...

Yes, it's true... and would you believe I have more tees than this?  There's a box of Hard Rock tees and another box or two of other tees kicking around somewhere in my house.  

Oh, and all of them have some kind of nostalgia or video game or anime or tv show on them...

I also have about 12 pairs of jeans... all in various conditions from new-ish... to REALLY worn in.

So yes, I'm a t-shirt junkie... and I'm also addicted to jeans...

But it's okay, I'm going through my 12 step program... except it's maybe not 12... I'm not sure how many it will be...

Step 1:  Admitting you have a problem.  check.

Step 2: Deciding to take a course of action.  check.

Step 3:  

Actually, I'm going to drop this 12 step analogy.  haha!

But I've decided to go through all of my jeans and t-shirts and inspect them... if the t-shirts are getting to worn, or getting holes or whatever, they're going into the t-shirt quilt pile...

I figured this would be a great way to keep my t-shirts... just not wear them... (actually the Hard Rock tees are already in a box slated for quiltage.)

As for the jean... well... I think it's just time to let them go... but first I'll troll the googlewebz for any useful things to do with them... 

There's also a web site called Stylitics


It's kind of a cross between Facebook and a virtual closet.

Anyway, you take pictures or find pictures of all your clothes and you can put them into a database... then you can plan out your outfits, or check out other people's closets.  There's all kinds of informative features like how often you wear stuff.  Or you can track how much you spend on clothes.  Or see what kind of things you tend to buy... (in my case it would be graphic tees and jeans) 

I have an account set up, but I haven't really entered anything into the closet yet.  

T-Shirts and Jeans forever,


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